Allow us to reintroduce ourselves...


Well, hello there everyone! It's Meghan and Becky from the Detox & Chill podcast, and we're SO happy you happened to stop by our page!  We're beyond excited to be bringing you our Boston-based wellness podcast.  But before the fun begins, we wanted to let you in on what you can expect from the 'pod in this upcoming year. 

We're two twenty-something local Boston ladies who have a HUGE passion for health and wellness.  We both have full time jobs, but what really lights us up is spreading the good word about Boston wellness-focused businesses via our Instagrams and blogs. But, Instagram isn't enough. We're SO motivated by this community, that we started a podcast. Through the podcast, we will showcase amazing Boston businesses and also let our listeners get to know you on a more personal level.

Sound awesome? We really think so.  If you are interested in being part of the podcast fam and sitting down for a chat with us, always feel free to shoot us an email at 

Stay tuned for posts about our own health and wellness journeys and everything else in between!

Sending love and wellness!

Meghan & Becky