Meet Meg.


HEY GUYS! - I’m 1/2 of this amazing podcast, and I wanted to share a little bit about MY personal wellness journey with you all, so you know where I started from! I recently started my holistic wellness blog and Instagram. You can find me on my blog at and @musingsbymeghan. Here is a little background on my journey to wellness: 

About twelve years ago, I had a bout of strep throat that just would not go away. I went through three rounds of antibiotics, and shortly thereafter, I also began to experience severe stomach cramping/pain. I can vividly remember my mom attempting to drop me off at school one day, and laying in the backseat until I tearfully asked her to drive me back home because I felt nauseous.  I missed 21 days of school that year, and needless to say - although I never talked about it with my friends, it was a tough experience for a 13 year-old who was trying so hard to fit in (especially at that age).

Fast forward a couple years through high school, and I started a regime of anti-acids, no dairy, and digestive enzymes, and I started to feel better. I started college (‘Ray Bucknell!) and my stomach still felt ok! Even throughout my first year at college, I felt pretty darn normal. Until my sophomore year.  

After struggling with disordered eating, the stomach pain that I had experienced earlier in life came back with a vengeance.  All I could do once I felt the familiar pain in my belly was lay down in bed and wait it out. This pattern of unpredictable (but still life-altering) stomach pain continued as I started my new job after graduation, and into my next three years of working. I tried so many different times to correlate the pain to what I was or was not eating, but it wasn’t until I moved to Boston that with the assistance of a wonderful RD Kate Scarlata, I discovered that I had Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).  I was treated with a course of medication and felt INFINITELY better.  I had my energy and zest back!

My digestive-health journey ignited my passion for holistic health and wellness, but it wasn’t until this year that I decided to start a holistic health and wellness blog and Instagram.  I want to document and share my holistic health journey in all aspects of my life - from digestive health and low-FODMAP eating, spirituality, and eco-beauty, to practicing more minimalism.  I want to demonstrate how a moderate approach to health and wellness can be enjoyable and also life-giving.  My goal in the upcoming year is to get my health coaching certification so that I can share this passion with others in a coaching setting!

I’d like to think I’m somewhat unique in the wellness community because I work a full time job in Finance during the day, and started my holistic blog and Instagram as a passion project.  I’m extremely proud that my posts contain so many facets of holistic health.  Some of the topics that I cover are digestive health and FODMAP’s, recipes that I’m loving, streamlining my life via a wardrobe, eco-beauty products, and new health trends I’m trying.  At first I thought that my blog should focus on one particular topic, but I think that what sets me apart is how I view holistic wellness through a macro lens - how each of these aspects of our lives contribute to our overall wellness picture.  For instance, being more minimal in your lifestyle choices can free up so much headspace throughout your day!.

I am so genuinely looking forward to being a part of this podcast to share with you a realistic wellness approach within an AMAZING Boston community.  This truly lights me up, and I'm so ready to be on this journey with you all!

Sending love and wellness,