Episode #38: Shannon Noel // Founder of Noel Herbal Skincare // Non-Toxic Skincare 101

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Episode #38: Shannon Noel // Founder of Noel Herbal Skincare // Non-Toxic Skincare 101

Hi beautiful people! We made some major moves this week with the podcast and are excited to share them with you soon. Let’s just say…we’re slowly figuring out technology. This is such a learning process and even when we struggle, we are honestly so grateful for the opportunity to be learning so much. We ALWAYS want to keep it real with you guys – it definitely isn’t always sunshine and rainbows but part of the joy of this podcast is the fact that we keep grinding through for you guys :).

Today we’re back with a guest we’ve been SO excited to interview for awhile now. Shannon Noel is the founder of Noel’s Herbals, based in Somerville, Massachusetts. We get to talk about all things nontoxic skincare and also answer some of your questions (Botox, how to read ingredients, and more!).

Shannon has been a practicing skincare therapist for over 13 years. Her love for natural health and skincare have brought her to the idea of helping people from the inside out. Her philosophy believes that spending time listening to clients, & developing a personal connection will lead to effective results for a happy & balanced skin.

Her knowledge of skin, essential oils, and plants help to soothe and nourish a persons well-being. With a combination of listening, intuition and thoughtful suggestions she is able to build a trusting relationship guiding clients down a healthy path.

Shannon believes that there is no quick fix that is going to make all of your concerns go away instantly. It’s about spending the time getting to know someone and working together to create an attainable goal. She also focuses on internal beauty and synergy. What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put into your body. Eating healthy foods and using natural products to cleanse & hydrate your skin, should make you feel good. ”Self care is not just about the outside products that we interact with, but how we can feed and nourish our souls.

This is 100% a mission that we stand for on the podcast!

We hope you love this episode!

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Sending all the good vibes and positive energy in this New Year <3!


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