Episode #55: Emily & Caleb // Co-Owners of Cambridge Naturals // Taking Over a Family Business & Maintaining a Legacy Brand

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Episode #55: Emily & Caleb // Co-Owners of Cambridge Naturals // Taking Over a Family Business & Maintaining a Legacy Brand

We are back with an episode we’ve been so excited to record for SO long!

Cambridge Naturals was founded in 1974 by Michael Kanter and Elizabeth Stagl (then 24 years old). Their mission is to provide the best choices in natural wellness products (nutritional supplements, clean body care, organic foods, and healthy lifestyle supplies) and offer an amazing customer experience to the local community. They are committed to sourcing products locally, organically, and ethically via fair trade and direct trade channels, and to donating a portion of our profits to social and environmental organizations that impact our community. As part of their vision for a more just, equitable and sustainable world, they strive to partner with businesses owned by women and under-served individuals. They offer a curated selection of wonderful products (we are obsessed with so many of the brands that they carry)!

Chatting with Emily and Caleb about taking the reigns with Cambridge Naturals and managing day-in and day-out operations was absolutely enlightening. These two have so much passion behind what they are doing and are so energetic and engaging. We talk about

- How they met and decided to move back to Boston to take on roles at Cambridge Naturals

-What it was like taking the reigns in the stores

-How they balance work life / family life when working with their significant others

-Their vision for the future of CN’s and what’s coming up soon for them

We know you guys will absolutely LOVE this episode!

We are so proud and excited about this episode and are so excited to hear what you think - let’s start normalizing these conversations together. We’d love to continue this conversation in our Facebook group and on Instagram. Our Facebook group is a safe space for anyone who joins, so don’t forget to check us out there. Just search *SUPER EXLUSIVE* Detox & Chill Podcast Group. As always, don’t forget to follow along with us on Instagram (@detoxandchillpodcast) and join our Facebook group. We love you!


Meg and Beck

Find Cambridge Naturals HERE and shop their Cambridge and Brighton locations locally.