Episode #21: Candace Burch // Hormone Expert // What's Really Going On In Your Body & Why You Might Want to Toss Your Birth Control

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Episode #21: Candace Burch // Hormone Expert // What's Really Going On In Your Body & Why You Might Want to Toss Your Birth Control

Today we’re back with a really really special episode. Candace Burch is the a Hormone Health educator that reconnected Beck and Meg (whether she knew it or not), sparked their passion for wellness, and inspired them to start their own wellness and lifestyle podcast.

We were so lucky to sit down with Candace in person, as she just so happened to be in Boston for a week. She was just as amazing in person as all of the incredible podcasts that she has been featured on.

Candace’s work with hormonal health involves being a public speaker, hormone health educator, and private consultant, and counseling countless women and men on all things hormonal.

Her goal is to help people re-balance their hormones to relieve symptoms and restore balance in their lives. In her own life, she practices what she preaches as often as possible and maintains balance by doing what comes naturally, deliberately.

In this episode we talking about…

-What our different hormones are and what their purpose is;

-What symptoms you might experience if your hormones are out of balance;

-Beck and Meg share their own personal hormone stories and struggles;

-What testing your hormones entails, and what it can tell you;

-How Candace interprets the results of your hormone testing;

-Birth control and how to prepare your body to come off of birth control (if you desire);

-Some of her favorite supplements and tips to get your period back after coming off of birth control.

We’ve heard Candace speak so many times, but we ALWAYS learn something new and different each time we connect. Candace was beyond generous to share TWO discount codes with our listeners for $50 off the Hormone Jumpstart (DETOXANDCHILL) or Gold Standard Package; and $100 off of the Hormone & Weight Balance Package (DETOXANDCHILL2). Testing your hormones is SO important if you’re not feeling your best, and we’re so grateful Candace is giving us and our listeners this amazing discount!

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Love you all,

Meg & Beck

Find Candace here:

Candace: http://www.yourhormonebalance.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yourhormonebalance/