Episode #64: Candice Puthawala // Founder of Beauty Bar Chocolate // The Fashion Industry, Career Burnout, & Finding Self Love

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Hi beautiful people! This week we have the amazing Candice Puthawala on the podcast and we are so excited to share her incredible story from fashion to owning her own wellness company.

Candice worked for almost two decades in the fashion industry. She lived her life on fast forward and was always hustling to get it all done - from work to taking care of her daughter that she had at 19. She was extremely successful in her career, but she was tired, had inflammation, had anxiety and had no more inspiration in her life.

Then, she got sick. She became chronically ill and at first tried to hustle through it, but she soon found out that something needed to change.

In this episode, we talk about…

- Important choices we make in our lives for our health and wellbeing

- How she juggled taking care of her daughter and managing a custody battle all WHILE WORKING!

- Her transition to owning her own amazing company - Beauty Bar Chocolate

- Some of her skincare secrets because OMG does she just GLOW!

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Find Candice here:

Website: https://beautybarchocolate.com

IG: https://www.instagram.com/beautybarchocolate/

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