Episode #46: Carly Stein // Founder & CEO of Beekeeper’s Naturals // Choosing Freedom Over Fear

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Hi lovely friends! It’s not the last time that you’ll be hearing about this from us, BUT we want you all to come to our gut-health event on April 4th! We will be diving in with Charity Lighten, who is the CEO and Chief Nutritionist at Silver Fern. We’ll start with an amazing Core Power workout, followed by a panel on gut-health and wrapping up with dinner from Dig-Inn. Sign up at the following link!


Anyways, this week we have the AMAZING Carly Stein on the podcast and you guys…this one is going to inspire you to no end to pursue your passion! Carly is the founder of wellness powerhouse brand Beekeeper’s Naturals, which produces naturally-sourced and obsessively-tested superfoods straight from the hive.

In 2015, Carly launched Beekeeper’s Naturals while working as an analyst at Goldman Sachs, fully bootstrapping the company. After a successful first year, she left her career in finance to pursue this passion full-time. Beekeeper’s Naturals products are made with her mission in mind: to heal customers while saving the bees.Beekeeper’s Naturals’ offerings range from 100% raw honey and bee pollen to hi-octane, health booster complexes and honey infused with high potency hemp oil for natural stress relief. After listening, you’ll want to try ALL the products! Use code DC15 for 15% off!

We talk about so many important topics in this episode…

- How to build your confidence doing something new and different (like leaving your job!);

- How to feel deserving of your successes;

- How Carly learned about products abroad that changed the game for her wellness routine;

- The AMAZING products that Beeker’s Naturals offers (like propolis!) and why bees are so awesome;

- The ins and outs of raising capital (one of our favorite parts of this episode!);

- Their amazing new campaign for National Women’s History Month #myqueenbee

This episode and recording with Carly gave us SO much energy after long days at work and sparked our creativity moving forward. You can’t miss this one!

Follow Beekeeper’s Naturals here and find their website to order here. Remember, use code DC15 for 15% off your order!

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