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Episode #66: Katie Demo // Co-Founder of Brass Clothing // Building a Sustainable Fashion Brand

Brass Clothing is one of our favorite Boston-based clothing brands and today we have Katie Demo on the podcast!

Brass Clothing was founded 3.5 years ago, when Katie and her co-founder Jay Adams were frustrated with their wardrobes. Years of shopping sales and fast fashion left them with closets full of clothes that never fit quite right or felt like good quality.

They knew they needed better options, and they set out to provide women with higher quality clothing with a more reasonable price tag.

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Episode #65: Darby Jackson // Co-Founder of Après & Protein Sommelier // Repairing Your Body Image with Food and Mindset

WE ARE SO PUMPED for this week’s episode!

If you’re like us (well, Meg specifically), you struggle to find a post-workout drink that provides some protein for recovery, but isn’t hard on your stomach. Enter: Après - a post-workout bev that we can truly get behind.

This week, we have the founder, Darby Jackson on the podcast. Well before Après was founded, Darby was diagnosed with celiac disease which inspired her to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and personal trainer, combining her passion for nourishing food with her background in sports. Through her work with women in her coaching business, she began to notice that there wasn’t a post-workout drink that she would actually recommend to her clients.

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Episode #64: Candice Puthawala // Founder of Beauty Bar Chocolate // The Fashion Industry, Career Burnout, & Finding Self Love

Hi beautiful people! This week we have the amazing Candice Puthawala on the podcast and we are so excited to share her incredible story from fashion to owning her own wellness company.

Candice worked for almost two decades in the fashion industry. She lived her life on fast forward and was always hustling to get it all done - from work to taking care of her daughter that she had at 19. She was extremely successful in her career, but she was tired, had inflammation, had anxiety and had no more inspiration in her life.

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Episode #63: Rachel McClusky // Founder of RECHARGE Wellness Co. // Sobriety, Changing Careers, and Navigating Adulthood

We’re back this week with a lovely lady who we originally met at our Los Angeles event back in June.

Rachel McClusky is a woman who does it all - she hosts retreats all across the country with her amazing company RECHARGE Wellness Co., teaches at two amazing fitness studios in Los Angeles, and is a true support system for all of the amazing women in her life.

Rachel is one of those women who has a spark that draws you in. In this episode we talk about…

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Episode #62: Beck & Meg // Season 2! Back to Our Roots


Thank goodness, you guys! We really needed this time to reflect, recharge, and refocus.

We’re back today with an episode reflecting on our time off, what we learned and what our goals are for this season. We’d love to hear what YOU want to hear on this season - we still have about four spots left to bring you some awesome guests and we want to make sure that the topics are as pertinent as possible.

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Episode #61: Gretchen Driscoll // Success Coach & EFT Tapping Specialist // Learning Resiliency Through Trauma


We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced some kind of trauma or stress that has triggered our bodies to choose between fighting it out, getting the f*%# out of there, or losing all control of motion.

Our guest today has a special insight into these innate triggers. From making the decision to sell a successful business to losing the love of her life — Gretchen has had to make the tough decisions and has decided to choose resiliency and perseverance — with the help of EFT Tapping. She’s a success coach and EFT Tapping Specialist and she chooses every day to share her knowledge with others to help them become successful.

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Episode #60: Liv Crouppen // Holistic Chef & Culinary Producer // Finding the Comfort in the Uncomfortable

WOW. The stories in this episode from our guest are UNREAL. So real. So vulnerable. So open. We are incredibly excited to share it with you!

This week we had the opportunity to chat with the beautiful and amazing Liz Crouppen. Liv is an LA-based holistic chef and a culinary producer and we had the absolute pleasure of having her design a delicious aphrodisiac mood board at our Passion Project event in LA a few weeks ago.

In this episode, we stripped off the layers and got real vulnerable.

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Episode #59: Meg & Beck // Imposter Syndrome, Finding Your Purpose, & Looking Back on the Past Year

Well…it’s been a FULL YEAR of doing this thing called the Detox & Chill podcast.

We wanted to share a solo episode with you all…and truth be told, we recorded this one time and decided that it was a LITTLE too personal. It was right before our event, and our imposter syndrome was rearing its ugly head.

But guess what? Post-event, we KNOW without a doubt that it was absolutely right that we put on this event and it was absolutely right that it was in LA.

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Episode #58: Summer Passion Project in Santa Monica // Sex, Relationships, and Stepping Into Your Power

Well, we honestly are struggling with the right words for our event in LA on Saturday.

This is a topic that is near and dear to our hearts and a conversation that we’ve wanted to open up for a LONG time. We never could have imagined a year ago that we would be a part of an event like this, or that we’d be surrounded by such insightful and supportive women.

The good news is that if you missed the event and panel, that you can check it out on this weeks’ episode! We covered the amazing topics below…

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Episode #57: Erin Claire Jones // Human Design Guide & Leadership Coach // Human Design: 101

This week we dove into a new topic that we’re SO excited to share with you!

A little background…human design is basically the manual to YOU. Founded by media executive and art enthusiast, Ra Uru Hu, the ancient-meets-modern-science is a synthesis of spiritual studies including, but not limited to: astrology, the I Ching, the Chakras, and the Kabbalah. Hu first found the system in 1987 in the heart of Ibiza, but it is studied worldwide today (thank you Erin and Forbes article for this background!).

Human design gives us insight into how we are all uniquely wired, and there are four types - generators (70% of the population), projectors (20% of the population), manifestors (9% of the population) and reflectors (1% of the population). Look up your human design HERE!

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Episode #56: Candice Peak // Communications Manager & Fitness Instructor // Living Sustainably

Hi Friends!

We’re really excited for this week’s episode because we cover some topics that have been on our minds for a long time!

This week with have the amazing Candice Peak on the podcast! Each and every one of our guests manages to do it all, and Candice is no exception. With a full-time corporate job and career in fitness teaching at both the Handle Barand Barry’s Bootcamp, she is basically a super woman.

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Episode #55: Emily & Caleb // Co-Owners of Cambridge Naturals // Taking Over a Family Business & Maintaining a Legacy Brand

We are back with an episode we’ve been so excited to record for SO long!

Cambridge Naturals was founded in 1974 by Michael Kanter and Elizabeth Stagl (then 24 years old). Their mission is to provide the best choices in natural wellness products (nutritional supplements, clean body care, organic foods, and healthy lifestyle supplies) and offer an amazing customer experience to the local community. They are committed to sourcing products locally, organically, and ethically via fair trade and direct trade channels, and to donating a portion of our profits to social and environmental organizations that impact our community. As part of their vision for a more just, equitable and sustainable world, they strive to partner with businesses owned by women and under-served individuals. They offer a curated selection of wonderful products (we are obsessed with so many of the brands that they carry)!

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Episode #54: Billy Bosch // Founder of Iconic Protein // The Importance of Protein & How He Raised $8 Million in Capital

Hi beautiful friends and welcome back to the podcast this week!

This week we have an amazing founder and brand back on the podcast - Billy Bosch of Iconic Protein.

Billy learned first hand that food can be both the problem and solution to better health and vitality. He has a great story as he created Iconic Protein when discovering that all the protein brands on the market were filled with sugar and preservatives, which were harming him and impacting his performance and daily functions. He was determined to lean into health and create a better beverage in a category that was filled with unhealthy options. Billy is highly proficient in discussing how protein impacts our health, particularly dairy vs. plant protein and how protein deficiency should not be taken lightly.  

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Episode #53: Lauren Zielinski // Certified Nurse Midwife & Founder of New Moon Rising // Vaginas, Midwifery, and Gyno Visits

This week we’re back with Lauren Zielinski, a certified nurse-midwife and founder of New Moon Rising. New Moon Rising works in cities across the US to hold free, day-long workshops that foster discussion about reproductive health, political advocacy, natural medicine options, and community connections.

We felt really strongly that we needed to start opening the discussion around female sexual health and empowerment, and Lauren was so generous to share her wealth of knowledge.

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Episode #52: Live Event ft. Tara Foley // Founder & CEO of Follain // Saying Goodbye to Toxicity

To everyone who was able to stop by our event at the Follain storefront in Beacon Hill, THANK YOU! For anyone who didn’t make it…good news! We have the live recording here for you to listen.

Tara is someone who we look up to SO much as we build this podcast and make decisions for growth. If you listened to the first episode featuring Tara, we covered some new and different topics in this one. We talked about…

->You gotta do the work and make the connections. Set up coffee meetings to learn more what other people do.

->It’s OK as an entrepreneur to have a safety net (a job that pays the bills, etc.) taking CALCULATED risks is what pays off big time.

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Episode #51: SOLO Episode // Taking Credit For and Owning Your Successes + Learning How to Say No

This week we’re back with a SOLO episode about a topic that’s been on our minds a lot lately -- taking credit for, and owning successes. We cannot believe we’ve released 50 EPISODES, and we’ll be honest…it was a little bit uncomfortable to shout it from the rooftops and give ourselves a pat on the back. That’s what inspired this episode!

For anyone out there who’s side-hustling, working and pursuing their passions, or just making it through their day, here’s your permission to celebrate it and share your successes with others. We don’t do this nearly enough (especially as women!) and it’s SO important.

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Episode #50: Jamie & Michael // Founders of Busy Beauty // Struggles and Successes as Entrepreneurs

OMG, it’s EPISODE #50!!!! How crazy is that?? Today we have the founders of BusyBeauty on the pod — Jamie Steenbakkers & Michael Leahy. Alison (their marketing manager) also tagged along which made this recording a record for how many people participated!

BusyBeauty is a wonderful brand for women on the go (which makes so much sense for our listeners!). After meeting in college, Jamie and Michael set out to solve the problem of long and involved beauty routines (and also shaving your legs in a dorm room). They created a waterless shave gel first and have since expanded their line to include wipes and showerless shampoo. Jamie is a beauty protege — the next generation inventor, the eye for design, the creator and the visionary. While Michael is a hustler — an expert at supply chain optimization, growth hacker, people, and cash flow manager.

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Episode #49: Emily Estes // Channeling Your Energy Into Intuition & a LIVE Tarot Reading

Boy, do we have an EPISODE for you guys today.

Today we have Emily Estes on the podcast. Emily is an intuitive reiki healer and tarot reader based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We first heard about Emily through our Facebook group (go join!) and we knew we needed to get her on immediately. We’ve really been trying to bring more spirituality to you guys, and Emily is just that.

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Episode #48: LIVE Event ft. Charity Lighten of Silver Fern Brand // Go With Your Gut

This episode gives us chills. You know when you set huge goals for yourself and worry whether or not you’ll actually make it across the finish line successfully?

We’re not going to lie fam, we felt SCARED about last Thursday’s event. And we were absolutely, positively amazed by the positive response we received.

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Episode #47: Emily Cunningham // Co-Founder & COO of True Moringa // From Ghana to the US: Bringing the Moringa Tree to Life

To say that Emily and Kwame are changing the world would be an understatement. Our guest this week, Emily Cunningham, is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of True Moringa, and shares her story of bringing the benefits of “the miracle tree” to the U.S. In 2011, Emily’s co-founder Kwami had his sights set on becoming a rocket scientist. Emily was in the midst of her third year of studying development economics at Harvard, frustrated by the disconnect between the academic literature and the realities of poverty on the ground.

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