Episode #27: Corinne Feinberg // Healer & Reiki Master // Expanding Your Depth of Joy & Moving Past The Darkness

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Episode #27: Corinne Feinberg // Healer & Reiki Master // Expanding Your Depth of Joy & Moving Past The Darkness

Heyyy gang – Happy Monday!

All we have to say is WOW. To this episode. We seriously cannot believe the incredible story that Corinne shared with us a couple weekends ago – it honestly left us feeling SO INCREDIBLY lucky that we are able to have these amazing conversations with our guests.

We’re sure that you guys have heard of Lyme disease before, but we both didn’t realize how truly TERRIBLE it can be for a person dealing with chronic Lyme disease. Corinne has been sharing her healing gifts since 2012 when she found Reiki as the ultimate healing for her experience with Chronic Neurological Lyme Disease. It was the Divine spiritual connection and energy healing aspects of Reiki that brought her 4-year journey with Lyme Disease to an end in just 3 short months. Corinne has since become a multi-disciplinary healer utilizing all the tools at her disposal to share with those who seek results with their own healing.

This episode is also an eye-opener in how dealing with chronic illness can impact a person’s mental health. We know that we talk about mental health a lot on the podcast, but we really want to bring it to the forefront of our conversations. As we mention in the intro to this podcast, Corinne does talk about the dark side of healing and her mental health around minute 20 of this podcast. If this is in any way triggering to you, please skip this part of the podcast!

We are so excited to hear your reactions to this podcast. Corinne is now based in San Diego, but does her healing work over Skype and often comes back to Massachusetts as well. She is a TRULY special human who has changed so many lives – including ours.

You can find Corinne’s website here, and her Instagram here.

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