Episode #36: Elise Caira // Founder of Sweatfixx // Jumping in Head First & Finding Strength Through Loss

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Episode #36: Elise Caira // Founder of Sweatfixx // Jumping in Head First & Finding Strength Through Loss

Happy Monday! We hope you guys are feeling the same New Year vibes and fresh outlook that we are over on the podcast!

In the spirit of #newyearnewyou, we couldn’t think of anyone better to have on the podcast than Elise Caira…she is BEYOND motivating and inspiring. A former basketball star at Bentley University, Elise Caira eventually became a public accountant after college. She continued to daydream about her future fitness career and squeeze in classes and teaching at 5AM before heading into work for the day.

Her fitness dreams became a reality when a studio space became available…but she had only 6 weeks to renovate, figure out what type of fitness classes her studios would teach, brand her business, spread awareness and OPEN! That sounds impossible, right? Not for this lady - she made the opening and had so much success that she eventually opened two more studios - one in Arlington and the newest location in Boston - Southie.

Sweatfixx’s community is what sets it apart from other workouts. No matter your fitness level, everyone is humbled by those rowing machines! We love how welcoming the whole community is - there is truly NO intimidation factor here.

We had the best conversation with Elise and loved her thoughts on failure and overall commitment to her vision. We will definitely be emulating her vibes in the New Year.

Check her out here:

Elise’s Instagram

Sweatfixx’s Instagram

Sweatfixx’s website

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Sending all the good vibes and positive energy in this New Year <3!


Meg & Beck