Episode #57: Erin Claire Jones // Human Design Guide & Leadership Coach // Human Design: 101

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This week we dove into a new topic that we’re SO excited to share with you!

A little background…human design is basically the manual to YOU. Founded by media executive and art enthusiast, Ra Uru Hu, the ancient-meets-modern-science is a synthesis of spiritual studies including, but not limited to: astrology, the I Ching, the Chakras, and the Kabbalah. Hu first found the system in 1987 in the heart of Ibiza, but it is studied worldwide today (thank you Erin and Forbes article for this background!).

Human design gives us insight into how we are all uniquely wired, and there are four types - generators (70% of the population), projectors (20% of the population), manifestors (9% of the population) and reflectors (1% of the population). Look up your human design HERE!

We dive into so many topics in this episode, but we cover…

-Background on human design and how it affects how we show up in the world;

-Why it’s something that companies should look into when building their teams;

-How to understand and work with others who have different designs than we do;

-Our personal human designs (strengths and weaknesses);

-How our human designs work together on the podcast!

Find Erin on Instagram HERE and her website HERE.

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We love you!

Meg & Beck