Episode #48: LIVE Event ft. Charity Lighten of Silver Fern Brand // Go With Your Gut

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Episode #48: LIVE Event ft. Charity Lighten of Silver Fern Brand // Go With Your Gut

This episode gives us chills. You know when you set huge goals for yourself and worry whether or not you’ll actually make it across the finish line successfully?

We’re not going to lie fam, we felt SCARED about last Thursday’s event. And we were absolutely, positively amazed by the positive response we received.

Honestly, to say we are floored is an understatement. THANK YOU to each and every one of you for coming to our Go With Your Gut event last night, featuring the amazing Charity Lighten and Silver Fern brand.

We truly couldn’t have done it without our wonderful sponsors — shoutout to Silver Fern, WeWork, AquaVitea, Four Sigmatic, Dig Inn, Busy Beauty, Lauren B Beauty, Chosen Foods, Beekeeper’s Naturals, Wildbrine, Jinjur Drops, and True Moringa. What a lineup!

Final thoughts as we head into the week:

1. YOU are in control of how you feel. No one else.

2. YOU are powerful, beautiful, and resilient.

Let’s take these positive vibes, keep them rolling, and get after it!

Remember to use code DETOX15 for 15% off of your Silver Fern order.

We’d be honored if you took the survey HERE, so we can keep these events coming and do more of what YOU want!

We love you guys. Our hearts are full. We are so humbled.


Meg & Beck

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