Episode #39: Jenn Lyons // Holistic Health Coach // Transitioning from a Corporate Career & Intuitive Eating

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Episode #39: Jenn Lyons // Holistic Health Coach // Transitioning from a Corporate Career & Intuitive Eating

Hi everyone – we hope you’re having a great week so far. Can you believe that it’s already February? Let’s keep some of the new year energy going into this new month.

Today we have the AMAZING Jenn Lyons on the podcast today. Meg and Jenn were actually college roommates and we were beyond excited to feature her on the podcast because of the amazing and inspiring things that Jenn is doing now.

Have any of you felt like you’re “stuck” in your corporate career, or that there’s something out there that you’re way more passionate about? In this episode we talk through those feelings and Jenn shares some exciting news that she recently quit her corporate job to become a health coach – which is absolutely amazing and inspiring!

We focus a lot on intuitive eating in this episode – if you follow along on Jenn’s Instagram, you know that she is the queen of intuitive and satisfying meals. One thing we loved chatting about is reconnecting with your inner child – what you truly loved to eat when you were a little kid is a great indicator of your true preferences and how you’ll be satisfied with meals as an adult.

We also talk about transitioning from restrictive eating to intuitive eating. It’s definitely not a linear process and it’s one that requires constant work. If you feel like this is something that you want to start tackling in your own life, Jenn is the coach you need.

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We love you so much – have the best week ahead.


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