Episode #45: Kelli Tennant // Founder of The Platform // Choosing Yourself

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Hi lovely friends! First things first, we want you all to come to our gut-health event on April 4th! We will be diving in with Charity Lighten, who is the CEO and Chief Nutritionist at Silver Fern. We’ll start with an amazing Core Power workout, followed by a panel on gut-health and wrapping up with dinner from Dig-Inn. Sign up at the following link!


This week we have an absolutely AMAZING guest on the podcast. Kelli Tennant is a former TV host for the Lakers and Dodgers. Kelli recently launched her OWN podcast, The Platform Podcast, to have critical conversations that dive deep into the harsh realities of chronic illness, the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs and the powerful women supporting women movement.

In 2007, Kelli was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune disorders, which led her to the discovery of a non-toxic, holistic lifestyle. As her own advocate for over 10 years battling countless illnesses, she has become one of the leading voices in the health and wellness community, educating women on the latest healing modalities, ways to clean up their daily routine, and how to support and empower other women.

We dive deep in this episode and chat about…

-Managing a chronic illness while working full time,

-Letting go of the “people pleasing” mindset and doing what is best for YOU,

-Being a woman in a primarily male-dominated field,

-How time off of work shaped her mindset,

-How we can best support other women in our fields.

We’ll both definitely be listening to this one back – it was that good.

Follow Kelli on Instagram here, her podcast here, and her website here.

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