Episode #3: Kelly Sanders // Nutritionist & Entrepreneur // Following Your Gut and Entrepreneurship


Episode #3 // Kelly Sanders// Nutritionist & Entrepreneur // Following Your Gut and Entrepreneurship

In this episode, we talk about following your gut, entrepreneurship, living with the elderly, body building competitions, and so much more! Kelly is a breath of fresh air in the wellness space and we are so excited for you to learn more about her!!

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Kelly Sanders is a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia and has worked at some of the country’s most prestigious culinary institutions. She created successful recipes for America’s Test Kitchen, cooked at multiple celebrity chef restaurants, served as a Chef Instructor of Viking Culinary School and was a contributor to America’s test Kitchen Gluten-Free and Paleo Cookbooks.

Her credibility in the culinary arts is matched in the fitness industry. Certified in Muay Thai, Personal Training, Pilates, and Sports Nutrition, she has helped hundreds of people achieve their fitness goals as one of New England’s most sought after personal trainers. She herself is a fierce figure competitor, placing as a finalist in both ANBF and NPC bodybuilding competitions, all while running her own business, Klean Plate. Klean Plate is a Boston-based fitness food company revolutionizing the clean eating scene.

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