Episode #52: Live Event ft. Tara Foley // Founder & CEO of Follain // Saying Goodbye to Toxicity

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Episode #52: Live Event ft. Tara Foley // Founder & CEO of Follain // Saying Goodbye to Toxicity

To everyone who was able to stop by our event at the Follain storefront in Beacon Hill, THANK YOU! For anyone who didn’t make it…good news! We have the live recording here for you to listen.

Tara is someone who we look up to SO much as we build this podcast and make decisions for growth. If you listened to the first episode featuring Tara, we covered some new and different topics in this one. We talked about…

->You gotta do the work and make the connections. Set up coffee meetings to learn more what other people do.

->It’s OK as an entrepreneur to have a safety net (a job that pays the bills, etc.) taking CALCULATED risks is what pays off big time.

-> Fundraising is getting BETTER (slowly) for women. Tara had to answer a lot of questions about having kids when she was raising money for @follain...which def wouldn’t have happened if she was a dude.

-> Follain’s own line is amazing and expanding! We loveeee the essential oils for our diffuser.

-> It’s our responsibility to figure out how to distill wellness to other non-coast areas, everyone deserves access to this information!

-> Her non-negotiable products…like the Follain hand soap that she brings with her everywhere! This was honestly a lightbulb moment…a lot of the products available to us at work aren’t clean or nontoxic.

We also had some INCREDIBLE questions, so stay tuned to hear those and Tara’s answers!

We hope you enjoyed and would love to hear what you thought.

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