Episode #14: Madeline Davis // Director of Women's Rowing at Boston University // Owning Your Body

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Madeline Davis // Director of Women's Rowing at Boston University // Owning Your Body

Today we're back with an extremely inspiring episode.  Our guest today is Madeline Davis, the Director of Women's Rowing at Boston University.  Madeline got her start at Princeton University as All-American lightweight rower. While her coaching career began at a boarding school, she ultimately transitioned to the assistant coach at Stanford, the associate head coach at Ohio State, and is now the Director of Women's Rowing at Boston University (we know...she is a real human!).

In this episode we talk about her journey finding "her sport" in high school, to ultimately turning it into her full-time career.  We also talk about her leadership and coaching style, the level of responsibility she tackles on a day to day basis, and how she manages to work into some time for herself amongst the demands of her job (early mornings, late nights, and weekend practices) and relationships.  

We also talk about fueling our bodies from an athletic perspectives, and also some of the pressures that female lightweight rowers can face.  We loved her meal recommendations - we're all about keeping it simple over here on the podcast, so we can totally relate to her fav's.

We are so grateful to Madeline for taking the time to record with us, and honestly don't know if she could be more accomplished/impressive/#girlboss status.

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Check out more about Madeline here;

Go cheer her on at Head Of The Charles Regatta this fall (October 20th)!

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