Episode #7: Natasha Gayl // Ayurvedic Coach // Understanding Your Dosha & The Ayurvedic Practice


Episode #7: Natasha Gayl // Ayurvedic Expert // Understanding Your Dosha & Ayurvedic Practice

In today's episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Natasha Gayl. Natasha is a Boston-based health + wellness coach and certified yoga teacher.

Starting in design school, she ultimately made the transition to study Ayurveda and Ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine, and honed her interest in Ayurvedic habit science, food, and exercise. She is an *amazing* coach and resource for us all!

In this episode we delve into:

We learned how gradually changing our habits can make a dramatic impact - such as earlier lighter dinner, early to bed and self-care practices you can fit into five minutes before work.

Tongue scraping - Check out her "Shop" page on her website for her recommended Amazon option! The copper version is anti-fungal.

Dry brushing - Taking the time to dry brush helps to improving vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also makes your skin sooo soft!

Self Massage - Self massage nourishes the entire body and decreases the effects of aging. Self massage also lubricates your joints and increases circulation!

Doshas - As Natasha mentioned, your dosha is essentially your constitution. Your dosha change throughout your whole life! Who knew. Check out this link to get to know yours!

Natasha was SO generous to offer 20% of her services to our listeners.  Shoot her an email and let her know that you came from the Detox & Chill podcast! 

We learned so much through this episode - let us know your favorite part and what you learned!


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