Episode #63: Rachel McClusky // Founder of RECHARGE Wellness Co. // Sobriety, Changing Careers, and Navigating Adulthood


We’re back this week with a lovely lady who we originally met at our Los Angeles event back in June.

Rachel McClusky is a woman who does it all - she hosts retreats all across the country with her amazing company RECHARGE Wellness Co., teaches at two amazing fitness studios in Los Angeles, and is a true support system for all of the amazing women in her life.

Rachel is one of those women who has a spark that draws you in. In this episode we talk about…

- Making friends as adults. It’s REALLY hard! She gave some amazing tips about just putting yourself out there and asking women to be friends. Gamechangers.

- Her history with addiction, which started at an extremely young age. She is 10 years (!!!) sober now and truly a walking example of living your life to the fullest and always showing up at 100%.

- How she grew up singing and performing and decided at the age of 19 (19!) to make a career switch to pursue her fitness dreams.

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Find Rachel here:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/rachelrecharged/

Website: https://rachelrecharged.com/events

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