Episode #59: Meg & Beck // Imposter Syndrome, Finding Your Purpose, & Looking Back on the Past Year

Solo Episode Instagraphic.png

Well…it’s been a FULL YEAR of doing this thing called the Detox & Chill podcast.

We wanted to share a solo episode with you all today to celebrate and reflect on this past year. Truth be told, we recorded this one time and decided that it was a LITTLE too personal. It was right before our event, and our imposter syndrome about what to expect was rearing its ugly head.

But guess what? Post-event, we KNOW without a doubt that it was absolutely right that we put on this event and it was absolutely right that it was in LA. We’re so grateful for this community that accepted us with open arms and the most warm welcome.

In this episode we talk about…

-Imposter syndrome…and how even after a year, it still sometimes comes up;

-Strategies we use when we need a break;

-Our thoughts on balance and how they’ve changed over the past year;

-What’s coming up next for the podcast.

As always, find on us Instagram @detoxandchillpodcast, and join our Facebook group at https://www.detoxandchillpodcast.com/join.

We LOVE you and can’t wait to hear what you think about this episode! Not a week goes by that we’re not grateful and humbled by this amazing community. Until next week!


Meg & Beck