Episode #34: Meg & Beck // SOLO Episode // Intentions vs. Resolutions for 2019

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Episode #34: Meg & Beck // SOLO Episode // Intentions vs. Resolutions for 2019

OH EM GEE YOU GUYS. It’s almost 2019. Can you believe it? It’s been an exciting year for the podcast and we can’t believe the opportunities this year has brought us. If you’re here listening, we’re truly SHOOK, humbled, honored (all of the above) for your genuine love and support during this journey. Sometimes we’re going 10 million miles per hour and to take the time to slow down and take a lot of time for appreciation and gratitude feels really really good right now. Hopefully you feel the same!

We hope that whatever your plans are for New Year’s Eve that we can inspire you to set a couple of intentions for the New Year. We both prefer intentions to resolutions and we discuss why on the podcast.

Our intentions for this year are going to be challenging — there is definitely some internal work that’s going to need to happen— But, that’s okay. We’re going to meet the challenges with open hearts and open minds. It’s probably going to get uncomfortable at times, but that’s how you know that changes are truly happening.

In this episode we both discuss three intentions this year - from spirituality related to podcast focused. And because it’s a SOLO episode, it gets pretty personal (honestly, we sometimes forget that we’re recording because it just feels like two friends talking through their hopes and dreams).

If you’re setting intentions, vibes, goals, resolutions, whatever it is for the New Year - we’d love to support you. Let’s meet up in our Facebook group and on Instagram.

Our Facebook group is a safe space for anyone who joins, so don’t forget to check us out there. Just search *SUPER EXLUSIVE* Detox & Chill Podcast Group. As always, don’t forget to follow along with us on Instagram (@detoxandchillpodcast) and join our Facebook group. We love you!

Sending all the good vibes and positive energy in this New Year <3!


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