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Episode #65: Darby Jackson // Co-Founder of Après & Protein Sommelier // Repairing Your Body Image with Food and Mindset

WE ARE SO PUMPED for this week’s episode!

If you’re like us (well, Meg specifically), you struggle to find a post-workout drink that provides some protein for recovery, but isn’t hard on your stomach. Enter: Après - a post-workout bev that we can truly get behind.

This week, we have the founder, Darby Jackson on the podcast. Well before Après was founded, Darby was diagnosed with celiac disease which inspired her to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and personal trainer, combining her passion for nourishing food with her background in sports. Through her work with women in her coaching business, she began to notice that there wasn’t a post-workout drink that she would actually recommend to her clients.

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Episode #60: Liv Crouppen // Holistic Chef & Culinary Producer // Finding the Comfort in the Uncomfortable

WOW. The stories in this episode from our guest are UNREAL. So real. So vulnerable. So open. We are incredibly excited to share it with you!

This week we had the opportunity to chat with the beautiful and amazing Liz Crouppen. Liv is an LA-based holistic chef and a culinary producer and we had the absolute pleasure of having her design a delicious aphrodisiac mood board at our Passion Project event in LA a few weeks ago.

In this episode, we stripped off the layers and got real vulnerable.

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