Episode #50: Jamie & Michael // Founders of Busy Beauty // Struggles and Successes as Entrepreneurs

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Hi Detox & Chill squad! We hope you’re having a marvelous start to your week.

OMG, it’s EPISODE #50!!!! How crazy is that??

Today we have the founders of BusyBeauty on the pod — Jamie Steenbakkers & Michael Leahy. Alison (their marketing manager) also tagged along which made this recording a record for how many people participated!

BusyBeauty is a wonderful brand for women on the go (which makes so much sense for our listeners!). After meeting in college, Jamie and Michael set out to solve the problem of long and involved beauty routines (and also shaving your legs in a dorm room). They created a waterless shave gel first and have since expanded their line to include wipes and showerless shampoo. Jamie is a beauty protege — the next generation inventor, the eye for design, the creator and the visionary. While Michael is a hustler — an expert at supply chain optimization, growth hacker, people, and cash flow manager.

The team is based locally in Boston, and we get into some great topics like how to manage your finances starting out as an entrepreneur, their biggest struggles, and their biggest successes.

Find BusyBeauty HERE and on Instagram HERE.

Seriously, can’t wait for you guys to hear this one and what our reading told us about the podcast moving forward (spoiler alert - we’re super inspired!)

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